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gTLD vs subdomains?

Matt Cutts, Google’s king of web spam prevention, and marathon running, recently responded to some gTLD assertions from Adrian Kinderis of ARI Registry Services, arguing that ownership or use of a gTLD would not bestow any special advantage in SEO:

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Do Not Track is way off track

Since about May 2012, anyone who has accessed a website owned or hosted in an EU country will very likely have seen some kind of message describing a new cookie policy and requesting user opt-in to provide permission for publisher

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This week ICANN finally and formally made the long anticipated decision to adopt the gTLD proposal that has been percolating through their processes for around 6 years now. It feels to me that we’re on the cusp of some significant

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PGP for Gmail

Have recently found the FireGPG plugin for Firefox. Among its various nice features is the ability to integrate GPG/PGP into Gmail. What can I say, it works really well. Now there is even less excuse not to use secure email.

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Gmail for Domains and other web 2.0 tools

Now that Tunnel Visionary is a global virtual company, we’ve adopted some new communications infrastructure to help keep the flexibility of use and accessibility up, and keep the cost of managing our systems down. In fact we’ve managed to reduce


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Welcome to the Tunnel Visionary blog. This blog site will contain occasional musings, thoughts and ideas from the heads of the good people of the Tunnel Visionary Group. Tunnel Visionary is a global virtual consultancy, specialising in strategy, technology and

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