Welcome to the Tunnel Visionary blog.

This blog site will contain occasional musings, thoughts and ideas from the heads of the good people of the Tunnel Visionary Group.

Tunnel Visionary is a global virtual consultancy, specialising in strategy, technology and content services for convergent and interactive media. Our expertise spans web, mobile, broadband, iTV and print.

In Australia we’ve produced online, mobile and iTV services for some of the biggest blue chip brands in the country.

In the UK we were instrumental in getting BSkyB‘s interactive TV platforms technically operable and commercially viable, and helped develop a new cross-platform content standard for the DVB.

How can we help you? Contact us for a free consultation.


Richard Foxworthy is founder and principal consultant of Tunnel Visionary Group, a convergent media consultancy, with specialist expertise in content, technology and business strategy for iTV, web, mobile, and print.

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